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Pots for Embroidery

Sizes are approximate as these pots are hand made they can vary slightly

Ceramic Relief - Terracotta


Bird Bath

T020 - no holes
4cm x 1.8cm wide
Doric Column

Doric Column

T025 - with holes
3cm x 4.5cm wide


for Bird Bath
T035 - with holes
1.8cm x 5.3cm high
Urn large

Urn Large

T045 - with holes
8.5cm x 6cm high

Ceramic Relief - Sandstone


Urn Fluted

S008 - with holes
3cm x 4cm high
Planter pot small 

Planter Pot Small

S014 - no holes
3cm x 2.5cm
Planter Pot with ring

Planter Pot

S015 - with holes
3.5cm x 3.5cm
Bowl with round handles

Bowl with handles

S018 - no holes
5cm x 2.5cm
Basket weave Trough


S019 - with holes
Doric column tall

Doric column tall

S026 - with holes
3cm x 6.5cm
Column with square marks

Column short

S033 - with holes
3cm x 4.5cm