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On this page you will find things such as Fabric markers, Laying tools, Scissors, Thread Heaven and many other essentials for Embroiderers.
Applique Paper  Vliesofix This is a light weight glue bonded onto paper, trace your pattern onto the paper and iron onto your fabric, cut out the design, peel of the paper and iron the cut out into place.
  30cm wide $5.40 mtr
Avalon Plus It looks like non woven interfacing but is made from cornstarch, trace your design onto the Avalon using a soft pencil, then tack the design to your fabric and stitch.  When finished cut away any excess Avalon, then dip into water to desolve.
  50 cm wide $9.25 Mtr
Fabric Markers, Chalk etc
Pen - Washout Blue Use on heavier fabric such as wool blanketing $5.05
Pen - Washout Blue - Fine Does not bleed as much as the ordinary wash out pen, so works better on finer fabric $4.50
Caution the above pens are all heat setting, so any heat whether from the sun or an iron will set the ink.  When you wash them out let the fabric dry naturally.
Pencil - Stabilo White chalk artists pencil $4.40
Chacopy Paper - by Clover This tracing paper from Clover does not smudge yet is easy to remove with damp paper towel, it is similar to dressmakers carbon but without the wax base making it easier to remove.  Pack of 5 - one sheet each Blue, Green, Red, White and Yellow $7.50
Graphite Paper Artists graphite and chalk paper comes in White or Grey 95c sheet
Laying Tools
Laying Tool These Laying Tools with turned wooden handles are ideal for making sure your threads lay flat when working Needlepoint with exotic threads or even making stranded lay beautifully side by side. $24.70
Pellom Very fine wadding - Vilene 255 - 90 cm wide $6.45mtr
Pen - Pigma Micron These archival quality permanent pens have a .25mm point and come in Brown, Black, Blue, Red, Green $4.95
Tailor's Awl by Clover    
Clover Tailors Awl  Tapered with a white handle they are very useful for sinking threads in Goldwork, making holes to threads your stumpwork wire to the back of your work and also very wide silk ribbon. $13.75
Thread Heaven
Thread Heaven  We can no longer get this product, as it is no longer made.  But we are looking for a replacement, watch this space.

Thread Heaven is a non-wax thread conditioner, it reduces tangling and fraying and leaves no residue on the thread