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Needlework Needles

The John James and Richard Hemming needles we stock are made in England.
Ballpoint needle


Size - Mixed 5/9
$2.00 pkt 10

Ball Point

Are a long thin ball point needle with a round eye
Basting needles


2 sizes in pack
$4.15 pkt 10


A long needle (longer than the same thickness crewel) with a long thin eye.
Beading Needle

John James

size 10
$5.90 pkt 6

Beading Short Ball point

With a long fine eye these needles are ideal for sewing on beads.
Chenille needles


A short needle with a large eye, ideal for use with thick threads, wool and silk ribbons.


size 13
$1.10 each


size 18
30c each

John James

size 20, 22 or 24
$3.40 Pkt 6
Crewel needle

Crewel or Embroidery

Long needles with a long eye these are standard sewing style needles and used for most surface stitching

John James

size 7 and 9
$3.40 pkt 16


size 7, 8 and Mixed 5/10
$4.20 pkt 16

Glover (Leather)

These needles have a 3 sided point to them, originally made for sewing leather they are also used for hand applique.

John James

size 5, 3, 1
$1.40 each
Quilting between

Quilting Betweens

A short sharp fine needle with a small eye, used for quilting.


size 12
$4.40 pack 20


A Short needle with a round eye normally used for quilting, but good for sewing on beads if you don't want a bendy needle, or very fine thread

Richard Hemming

size 10
$3.40 pack 20
Sharp self threader

Self Threading

These sharp needles have a slot at the top of the eye which allows the tread to be clicked into the eye.


2 sizes in pack
$4.50 pkt 6
Straw / Milliners

Straw or Milliners

A Long needle with a small round eye punched thru the needle, ideal for working Bullions such as in Brazilian embroidery.

Richard Hemming

sizes 1
$6.00 pack 12

Richard Hemming

sizes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
8, 9, 10
$4.50 pack 12

John James

sizes 6, 8
$4.95 pkt 25


size Mixed 3/9
$4.45 pkt 16



A short needle with a large eye and a blunt tip, used for cross stitch and other counted styles of embroidery were you do not want to pierce the fabric.

John James

size 18, 22, 26, 28
$4.50 pkt 6


size 20
$5.95 pkt 6


size mixed
$4.25 pkt 6
Danico Gold

Gold needles

size 24, 26
$4.30 pkt 4
Double eye

Double eye

size Mixed 22 24
$12.50 pkt 4