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YLI and Kanagawa

These are a large collection of Silk, Metallic, Rayon and other speciality needlework threads which are made in Japan


Colour card for Silk  Threads  Colour Card
Silk Floss

Silk Floss

is a very fine 6 strand silk, each strand is finer than 1 strand of DMC cotton floss.  It comes in a larger range of colours
5 mtr pack $2.95
Silk 1000 denier

1000 Denier

is a highly twisted pure filament silk with a lovely feel and lustre.  The perle style thread is useful in a number of needlework techniques.
20m card $8.60
Silk 30

Silk #30

is a top stitch weight machine filament silk, which comes in 35 colours. It can also be used for Enui goldwork and other fine embroidery techniques.
50m reel $9.70
Silk 50

Silk #50

is a fine machine silk that is ideal for couching Goldwork threads, due to its sheen it blends very well with the goldwork thread and almost disappears.
  100m reel $11.80
Silk 100

Silk #100

is a very fine machine thread, also for very fine hand embroidery work.
200m reel $12.20


601 Metallic

601 Fine Metallic

is a machine thread, similar in size to a Kreinik No 1 Japan or a Madeira No 40 metallic, which can also be used for hand embroidery. It has been designed to eliminate stripping and breakage.
100m reel $8.35
Colours we have in stock
Gold 1
Gold 1
sp 3
SP3 Silver / Light Blue
Jade Green
403 Jade Green
608 Metallic

608 Medium Metallic

is a vaporised polyester film which is wrapped on a rayon core, it looks similar to Imitation Jap and is washable. It is only available in gold or silver.
10m reel $8.40
614 Metallic

614 Heavy Metallic

is the same as 608 but thicker
10m reel $9.50


is a textured metallic thread which can be used for hand embroidery or for bobbin work on a sewing machine.  Candlelight is a soft thread that does not shred easily, though it tends to split at the ends.  If this is a problem a dab of Fray Stop or similar will fix it.
75yd reel $9.30
Colours we have in stock are
Copper Lavender Silver
Light Blue
Light Blue
Wooly nylon
Ecru / Gold

Metallic Woolly Nylon

has a single strand of metallic filament added to a normal woolly nylon yarn.
The only colour we have in stock is Ecru / Gold
500 mtr spool $18.70

Specialty Threads


Multi's Embelishment Yarn

is a cotton/rayon blend perle style thread that comes in 18 overdyed colours. 
36.5m reel $7.90
Colours we have in stock
1 - Berryvine
Willow Rose
2 - Willow Rose
3 Sunrise
4 - Sunrise
5 - Holiday
6 - Springtime
Jeans and More
7 - Jeans & More
9 - Caribe
Sticks and Stones
10 - Sticks & Stones
11 - Tapestry
12 - Woodlands OOS
13 14 Wisteria Mist
15 - Wisteria Mist
Summer Desert
16 - Summer Desert
17 Tropicale
18 - Tropicale
Jean Stitch

Jean Stitch

is a 100% polyester top stitch thread, which we find ideal for lacing onto Slate Frames and finished needlework over Foam core board.
We only carry White and Ivory
200 yd spool $9.80
Wash away

Wash A Way

is a water soluble basting thread
100 yd spool $9.00

Rayon Threads

Bunka thread

Bunka Braided Rayon

8 mtr card $3.15
Colours we have in stock are
Bunka 37
37 - Mid Brown
Bunka 156
156 - Cream
Designer 6

Designer 6

is a high sheen serger thread with a slight twist
150 yd spool $8.35
Colours we have in stock
205 - Fuchsia
285 - Plum
Pearl Crown Rayon

Pearl Crown Rayon

is a highly twist cord like thread
100 yd spool $8.90
Colours we have in stock
600 - Black
225 - Wine


is an Acrylic machine embroidery thread
750 yd spool $9.40
Colours we have in stock
Dark Rose
11 - Dark Rose