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These threads include Artificial silk, metallic cord and hand sew threads, various Sadi threads which are their Purls, and Shisha Glass mirrors.

Art Silk


Art Silk

Is a 6 strand Viscose floss, very fine with a high gloss, like all synthetic threads can be tricky to use.  Rajmahal suggests using a slightly damp sponge and running the thread thru this before use.  I have found that Thread Heaven makes it better to stitch with, or stripping the threads, wetting them with fabric spray (dab a little on your fingers) then letting the thread dry for a few seconds.  This thread is similar in weight and style to Cifonda.
8m skein $2.50
Colour Card of threads we have in stock  Colour Card

Shisha Glass


Shisha glass

are the small mirrors that you see stitched on some Indian textiles.  Rajmahal sells round mirror or diamond shaped mirrors, both come in two sizes.  They now have mixed tubes of mirrors.
Pieces per tube Round small 30, Round Large 18, Diamond Small 22, Diamond Large 14, Mixed 24 assorted
Tube $8.15
Mixed Tube $8.60
Shapes  and sizes in stock
Diamond Small      




is spiral platted with no core threads, approx 1mm thick available in Gold or Silver
35m reel $7.40
Colours in stock




is a very fine metallic thread (thickness like machine thread), packaging advises "Copper core with copper metallic coating" available in Gold or Silver
300m reel $7.40
Colours in stock


- Sadi is Rajmahals version of Purls, they are available in Gold or Silver

Smooth Sadi

is a very even coil of wire
  Fine - 3.5 mtr in tube $7.40
Gold Broad - approx 2.5mm thick 2 mtr in tube $7.40

Check Sadi

The wire is wrapped over a triangular tool during construction and twisted in the procedure.  This results in a faceted looking metal coil.
Colours and sizes in stock
Silver Fine - approx 2mm thick 3 mtr in tube $7.40
Gold, Silver Broad - approx 4mm thick 2 mtr in tube $7.40

Pearl Sadi

Is a stiffer wire tube with a texture to it, can be used in a stretched state for a different look
Colours in stock
    2 mtr tube $7.40

Mixed Sadi

This is a collection of of .5 mtr of each of the above
Colours in stock
    2.5 mtr tube $7.40