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Madeira threads

Are made in Germany, we stock the Rayon Decora, Madeira Silk, and some of the metallic needlework threads.




is a 100% Egyptian cotton machine thread which has been double mercerized for an outstanding sheen.  Sizes 30 and 50 can also be used for needle lace making and tatting.
200 meter reels $5.85
We have the following colours and sizes in stock
No 30 White and Ecru
No 50 White
No 80 White

Decora Rayon



is a 4 strand rayon thread that is similar in thickness to the now unavailable Anchor Marlitt, it comes in 80 colours
5 mtr pack $1.55
Colour Card of Decora we have in stock  Colour Card



Madeira silk

is quite a thick 4 strand embroidery floss, 1 strand is approximately the same thickness as 2 strands of DMC stranded cotton.
5 mtr pack $2.20
Colour Card of Silk we have in stock  Colour Card

Metallic threads

Metallic no3

Metallic No 3

is the thickest of the Madeira metallic threads we stock, it is a soft and plyable thread made up of many strands.  I would recommend it only as a couched thread as it is very thick. (This thread has been discontinued)
20 mtr pack $8.55
Colours we have left in stock
3004 - Dark Gold
3008 - Japanese Gold
Metallic No5

Metallic No 5

is the same composition as No 3 but is a finer thread, again best used as a couched thread.  (This thread has been discontinued and we have non left)

Metallic No 12

is a fine metallic thread it comes on a reel, but is not suitable for use on a sewing machine.  It is a metallic wrapped onto a polyester core.
40 mtr spool $4.20
Colours we have in stock
Mettalic 12 33
Gold 33
Metallic 12 34
Gold 34

Metallic No 40

is a very fine machine thread which can also be used for hand embroidery, where only a hint of metallic is required.  Again it has a metal outer over a polyester core.
200 mtr spool $7.40
Colours we have in stock
No 40 metallic Copper
Gold 4
Gold 4
Gold 6 Purple
12 - Purple
28 Copper
28 - Copper
33 - Blue
Dark Teal
37 - Dark Teal
57 - Green
70 - Black
Black multi
270 - Black Multi