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Kreinik threads

These threads come from the USA, they are mainly metallic threads of various thicknesses and 2 styles of silk thread.  Listed are the various threads we keep in stock, we will get in any that are not listed.
Colour Card for   Metallic Threads

Kreinik Blending Filament

Blending Filament

Blending Filament

is a 1 ply very fine metallic thread which needs to be used in the needle with another thread as it breaks easily.  Usually your pattern will advise you which stranded thread to blend it with.
50m reel $3.75

Kreinik Balger Braids

Braid #4


Kreinik classes this as a very fine knitted metallic thread. It is very easy to work with, ideal for use in cross stitch on 28 and 32 count linen or 16 - 18 count aida.  Can also be used in Needlepoint and all types of surface embroidery. 
11 mtr reel $6.30
Braid #8


Kreinik classes this as a fine knitted metallic thread, ideal for a heavier look on your cross stitch projects.  As with Braid #4 it can also be used for Needlepoint, all types of surface embroidery and embellishing.
10 mtr reel $7.15
Braid #16


Kreinik classes this as a medium knitted metallic thread, for use on 10 to 11 count aida or 14 to 18 count canvas.
10 mtr reel $10.05

Kreinik Cable and Cord



This is a 3 ply twisted thread, which makes it stiffer than the braids.
10m reel $3.50


is a 1 ply gimp thread which makes it finer than the cable, but still stiffer than the braids.
50 mtr reel $3.55

Kreinik Japan Thread

These threads are made by wrapping a metal strip over a thread core, there construction means that the threads shred easily and are best couched as in Gold work.  The #1 can be stitched with but use short lengths.
No #1 Japan


is a very fine 1 ply gimp thread.  Available in Silver, Gold and Dark Gold
40m reel $3.85
No #5 Japan


is thicker than the #1.  If you try to stitch thru fabric with this thread is will shred.  Available in Silver, Gold and Burnished gold
10m skein $5.95


This is the thickest of the Japan threads.  Available in Silver, Gold, Copper and Burnished gold
10m skein non in stock - will check price on order

Kreinik Ribbon

1/16" Ribbon

1/16" Ribbon

is a narrow flat metallic ribbon which can be used for a variety of hand embroidery.  It can also be couched by sewing machine
5 mtr reel $6.15
Ribbon 1/8"

1/8" Ribbon

is wider than the 1/16" ribbon but has similar uses.
5 mtr reel $7.00
Colours shown are as close as we can make them but should be used as a guide only 

Kreinik Silk Threads

Silk Mori

Silk Mori

is a 6 strand, spun silk thread which is easily divisible.
2.5 mtr skein $3.90
Colours we have in stock are
Silk Mori 0115
0115 -
Dark Lenten Rose
Silk Mori 0533
0533 -
Chesapeake Bay Blue
Silk Mori 0553
0553 -
Colonial Blue
Silk Mori 2017
2017 -
Very Dark Gold
Silk Mori 4074
4074 -
Medium Dusty Green
Silk Mori 6076

Silk Mori White
8000 -
Silk Mori 8075
8075 -
Medium Dark Charcoal
Silk Mori 8077
8077 -
Very Dark charcoal