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These hand dyed needlework threads are available in Silks, Wools and Mohair, dyed in Australia the colours are also available as Silk Ribbons.
As these threads are hand dyed there can be a difference between dye lots.
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Fine Silk

Kacoonda Fine Silk

is a very fine single strand silk
30m skein $7.35
Silk Medium

Kacoonda Medium Silk

is a slightly thicker than the fine silk, again a single strand thread
20m skein $7.35
High Twist

Kacoonda High Twist Silk

is a very tightly twisted perle silk with a great sheen
15m skein $7.35
Thick silk

Kacoonda Thick Silk

is a thick very glossy filament silk thread
15m skein $7.35
Silk 2 ply

Kacoonda 2 Ply Silk

is a softly twisted 2 ply perle style thread
25m skein $7.35

Kacoonda Mohair

is a pure mohair thread that has a lovely shine to it and a fuzzy look that only pure mohair has
10m skein $5.10
Fine wool

Kacoonda Fine Wool

is a medium weight crewel wool
15m skein $4.20
Thick wool

Kacoonda Medium Wool

is a heavy weight crewel wool for more bulky stitching
15m skein $4.10