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Benton & Johnson

These goldwork threads for needlework are manufactured in England and are of the highest quality.
All prices shown are for stock in store at the moment, prices will vary when new shipments come in.  There are more threads available please contact us if the one you need is not listed.
Prices shown are for various pack lengths, but we will sell other lengths and whole reels
Colours shown are as close as we can make them but should be used as a guide only


371 Couching

371 Couching

is a very fine gold work thread made of synthetic metallised polyester on a thread core, it can only be couched, available in a range of colours.
10 mtr pack $2.00
Colours we have in stock
371 Black Opal
Black Opal
Blue Opal
Blue Opal
371 Cedar Green
Cedar Green
371 Grass Green
Grass Green
Green Opal
Green Opal
371 Lilac
Lilac - purple core
371 Mauve
Mauve - blue core
371 Peacock Blue
Peacock Blue
371 Purple
3ply Twist

3 Ply Twist

comes in some two tone colours plus Gold and Silver.  It has a rope like finish and is only suitable to be couched.
5 mtr pack $4.60
Colours we have in stock
3 ply Dark gold
Dark Gold
Black & Gold
Black / Black / Gold
Gold Gold Red
Gold / Gold / Red
4 Ply twist

4 Ply Twist

again has a rope like finish, but is thicker than 3 ply and only comes in very limited colours.
5 mtr pack $9.00
Colours we have in stock
Antique gold
Antique Gold
T71 silver

Imitation Jap

thread is available in Gold, Silver and Copper in 4 sizes T69 (largest), T70, T71, T72
5 mtr pack $2.50
Colours and sizes we have in stock
T71 imitation jap gold
Gold T71
T71 Silver
Silver T71
Milliary wire

Milliary Wire

is a heavy coiled wire bound with a smooth passing thread, we only have Gold in stock
sold in 10 cm lots $1.75
Wavy Passing

Wavy Passing No6

is a flattened heavy wire spun on twisted thread core, this gives it a crinkled finish.  We only have Gold in stock
5 mtr pack $8.20
These are hollow coils of wire that can be couched or cut and used like beads

Coloured Purl

Available in one size only, in Dark brown, Dark Green, Light Brown, Light Green, Medium Brown, Pink, Purple, Red, Blue
Colours we have in stock
Purl - Blue
1g approx / 56cm pack $5.30

Pearl Purl

Available in
Gilt, in sizes Very Fine, Super, 3, 2 & 1, or
Silver Plate in sizes Super, 3 & 2
Sizes and colours we have in stock
Perl Purl silver
Silver - Super
1g approx / 36cm pack $3.05

Rough Purl

Available in
Gilt in sizes 9 (smallest), 8, 7, 6, 5 & 4 or in
Silver Plate in sizes 7, 6, 5
Sizes and colours we have in stock
Rough purl no6
Gilt  - No 6
1g approx pack size $6.10
Purl Rough no7
Gilt  - No 7
1g approx pack size $6.40

Smooth Purl

Available in Gilt in sizes 9 (smallest), 8, 7, 6, 5 & 4
gold 2% in size 6,or
in Silver Plate in sizes 6 & 5
Sizes and colours we have in stock
Purl  Smooth no6
Gilt  - No 6
1.8g approx / 1 mtr pack $7.40
Our Supplier is no longer stocking these
For other goldwork threads see also  Kreinik, Rajmahal and YLI
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